Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Christiano Ronaldo offers apology to his teammates after controversial comment

​Ronaldo has reportedly apologised to a number of his teammates via Whatsapp this week after appearing to claim that they were not at his 'level' of performance on the weekend.

The comments came after a stinging defeat to Atletico Madrid which all-but crushed Real's chances of challenging Barcelona for the La Liga title this season, with Ronaldo raging against what he appeared to perceive as his teammates' weakness.

He attempted to clarify his remarks later, ​claiming that he was "referring to the physical level, not level of play," and adding "I am not better than any of my team-mates."

Meanwhile, ​Sport report that the 31-year-old also took to Whatsapp to clear things up more personally with his teammates, attempting to dissipate any bad feeling against him in time for Monday's training session.

He had previously ​told the press after the defeat to Atletico: "If everyone was as good as me, maybe we would be first. I do not want to belittle anyone but when they are not the best it is difficult to win.

"I like to play with Karim, Bale and Marcelo. I do not mean that Jese, Lucas [Vazquez] and [Mateo] Kovacic are not good, they are very good, but to win a competition you need the best and that has been our main problem this year. I don’t know if it was poor preparation in the first half of the season but we’re having a lot of injuries and that hurts us.

“We had more chances and we deserved to win but football is like that. From what the press says it seems like I am doing sh*t but the numbers and statistics do not lie. They are there.”

Real Madrid is 12 points behind league leaders Barcelona after weekend lose to city rivals Atletico Madrid.

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