Friday, 19 February 2016

So Davido pay $200,000 to Meek for fans mi hit track? read more

David recently cover a US magazine called The Fadar. In an interview with the magazine, he revealed some things we don't know it happened but he said it. One of those things we don't know is how much he payed Meek Mill for the Fans Mi COLLABORATION.
if you are a fan of Davido and have  been listening to Davido’s songs from way back when then, you know that he doesn’t hide talking about how much  he has or the fact that his father is a billionaire which is why he called himself "Omo baba owolo wo' meaning the son of a rich man in Yuruba.

The money singer knows how to spend money but more importantly he knows how to make money. Everything he does is an investment  from his house in Atlanta to chunky gold chains! and whole lot.

This is some of the things he said in his interview with the magazine,

First issue

If you love Davido’s hit single Fans Mi featuring Nicki Minaj's boyfriend Meek Mill as much as we do, then you should know that particular record along set the 23 year old HKN Label CEO back $200,000.

Life is the money!

That song got him a lot of international buzz and is one of his best ever singles out there apart from Aye and Dami duro.

Second issue

In the same interview he also revealed that he averages $50,000 to $70,000 for private appearances on weekendsand also said he sometimes have 8 private shows a weekend.

According to Davido , this has started changing because of the new government and the fact that people don’t want to be seen as too lavish anymore but he still gets at least 2 private shows every weekend.


Also in the interview he talked about his upcoming album  called “Baddest”. Davido revealed that he has spent more than $1 Million of his personal money in getting the album ready. This will be Davido’s sophomore album and will feature Future and other international artists.

Fans let's be ready to purchase the Baddest ALBUM and cause a million dollar.

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