Thursday, 25 February 2016

President Mahama present the state of the nation address today (Read all)

President  Mahama on Thursday gave account of his stewardship to the people of Ghana when he delivered the state of the nation address to parliament.

President Mahama mentioned his achievements in the power sector, saying about 80 percent of Ghanaians now have access to electricity.

“Mr. Speaker, as I speak with you now, 80.5 percent of our people now enjoy access to electricity. This compares significantly with the 58 percent access to power in 2008.”

He believes the government’s achievement in the power sector is “monumental.”

President Mahama also announced that Cabinet has improved the Millennium Challenge Compact and its $498 million grants, which will provide a major boost in addressing energy efficiency problems and improving access to electricity.

He recalled that in 2015, “several major power distribution networks were completed while others reached an advanced stage of work.”

He said some 800 megawatts of power had been added to the national grid through the procurement of more power plants.

President Mahama also introduced some beneficiaries of his government’s various social intervention programs.

Some beneficiaries of the various government intervention programs ranging from education, health and economy, were mentioned to the august house.

Setting the tone for his address, President Mahama said he will draw the line between policy and the people.

“Mr. Speaker, in this address on the State of the Nation, I would like to show the direct line between policy and people. I would like to show how the seeds we have been planting for the last 3 years, have taken root and grown.”

The President introduced two girls, Apem Sholamitey and Dzidzor Awamwah, who had both benefited from some government educational programs.

President Mahama noted that 123 Community Day Senior High Schools are being implemented as part of the 200 schools he promised, adding that they are at various stages of completion.

He added that, the new schools have created almost 200,000 new places for students, as part of the biggest secondary education expansion program.

“The 123 schools that are being implement right now will create almost 200,000 new places in the system thereby making the community day school intervention the biggest ever expansion program in the history of Secondary Education in Ghana.”

One of the beneficiaries of these new community Day high schools is Apem Sholamitey, who is now the assistant school prefect of the Attah-Mills Community day school at Otuam in the Central Region.

“It is because of this program that the 16-year old Apem Sholamitey, is now the assistant school prefect of the Attah-Mills Community day school in Otuam,” President Mahama said.

According to President Mahama, just 3 years after the establishment of the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho, it has enrolled over 2,300 students while creating 816 jobs. “Dzidzor Kwamwah is one of the students enrolled and the University and she has been given the chance to pursue her dream course in medicine following her completion of Senior High School and placement challenges,” the President noted.

“This will make a difference in the lives of the patients that Dzidzor will treat in future when she passes out as a doctor.”

President Mahama called out on a mother, Mercy Pomah, who had safely delivered her baby at the Nkora-Nkwanta polyclinic despite the high probability of complications owing to a caesarian section she had had during a previous child birth.

He also recounted the story of one Umar Mahmud Muktar who grew up a farm hand in village in the Upper West region of Ghana but is now benefiting from a health training institute course and is his way to becoming a health care professional.

“This gentleman may probably save your life one day.” President Mahama indicated.

A 42-year old woman, Zainabu, was also held up as an example of a beneficiary of the LEAP program who has invested her grant in livestock farming.

President Mahama in his more than three hours presentation, begun with a tribute to the family of late MP for Abuakwa North, J.B. Danquah-Adu saying that it was sad to see the vacant seat of the former legislator.

He described J.B. Danquah-Adu as a gentleman who walked away from every conversation with a smile.

A minute of silence was observed for the former MP and victims of the Kintampo accident that claimed over 60 lives.


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