Monday, 29 February 2016

Liverpool manager, Klopp heartbroken after League cup loss

Klopp ended his post-match press conference by saying he felt 's**t' after watching his Liverpool side fall to a penalty shootout heartache at the hands of Man City in the Capital One Cup final at Wembley on Sunday evening.

Liverpool crumbled under the pressure in the shootout after Philippe Coutinho had initially forced extra-time with a late equaliser. However it was the men in Blue lifting the trophy at the end of a dramatic encounter.

“Tonight, we feel rubbish,” Klopp said with a smile. “Ok, we feel s**t.”

“At the moment I don't feel the positives,” Klopp admitted. “I'm a human being, after all. It's not my first big defeat. I've had defeats before and I've had wins before. I know how it goes.

“Do you think I will now go home, close the door and stay there for the next four weeks?!

“Yes, it's normal to be down. But it's okay. You have to feel a defeat, you can't say 'oh it wasn't important' because it was. We lost a final, so it's not too good.

“But you always have to fight back. We can say all these things, but you know you are always going to fall down. You have to stand up, that's the truth, but that's normal.

“Only silly people stay on the floor and wait for the next defeat. Of course we will strike back, 100%. We were down in this game, and we struck back.

“The next time you are in a final, you have to feel how it is to lose. Then you can feel how it is to win.”

Jurjen Klopp insisted that he loved the experience of his first cup final in English football, expressing an admiration for the less-than popular Capital One Cup.

“It was a great day until the last shot of the shootout,” he said. “It was perfectly organised, it was the perfect atmosphere, it was a really great experience. I don't know what everybody in this room thinks of this competition, but when I came to England everybody told me that it is not too important or whatever.

“But all the players who were involved or not involved today were greedy for this cup. They all wanted it, and so did everybody in the stadium. It was perfect, until the last. I hope we can have this kind of day more often, but with a different ending.”

He continued

 “We deserved a minimum of the draw after 120 minutes, but we lost. That's how finals are  there is only one winner.Tomorrow we have training and on Wednesday we play- again against Manchester City, so we will see how we respond.

“We can change nothing now, but we can change something tomorrow morning. We will go on, we will get better. Today, we have to go the hard way. But we can see that if we carry -on working really hard then there is light at the end of the tunnel. That's important.”

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