Monday, 15 February 2016

Here is how to enjoyed valentines day if you are single

Being single on vals day is not big deal but if you have the right attitude we know you probably want to slap us right now for saying that but let's us assure you that statement is true. We have rounded up a list of ways to enjoy valentines day with friends or even on your own. Ask yourself do you really want to sit around and be sad all day long? Do you really want morein yyour misery? Or would you rather find fun and productive ways to get your mind off this wild day? We vote yes on that last option. Just read on if you don't want the day to defeat you.

1. DATING APP.  Often a swipe or ten around Tinder is enough to melt your eyeballs out. The last thing someone wants on the most romantic day of the year is to match with some insensitive bozo.You know the type,one butthead who says he's picking you up to go to a cool bar, but that bar turns out to be a makeshift tiki stand in the basement of his mom's apartment.
If you are looking for someone a little more tender, you could try sponsor?and only if you're able to took over the potential creepiness of it all. This app was created just for the purpose of meeting someone to cuddle. If that sounds appealing it could be right for you. Sometimes you don't always want to go home with someone you know is about to look like a two when you wake up. Sometimes, a little cuddling is just enough to navigate you safely through this delicate day. Who knows perhaps things will end up being the one. Be careful out there kiddos.

2.MANTRAS AND CHOCOLATE. One of the. most important things to know to get through this vals day with a positive attitude. You are not always going to be single. Believe it or not always going to feel like a fart on this holiday either. Let's assured your Prince or princes charming are indeed on their way forging through the forest to find their way to your heart. In the meantime,in the event they lose GPS service or something, you have can buy Godiva chocolate to distract you un tiltheir arrival. If you mix it in with your green juice it can't be that bad for you, right?

3.ROAD TRIP. take a mini solo road trip. Nothing is better than driving a few hours out of town getting into nature and can do itmeeting cool people along the way. You won't feel so alone when you are busy focusing on the road and the beauty of the drive or buying refill oreos at a small town gas station. You never know. Keep those positive vibes high,BB!. You can do it.

4.SLEEPOVER AND MOVIE NIGHT. Get old school and have a straight up sleepover with your closest friends. Order tons of Valentines day candy and write love letters to each other. Rent The Note Book,Cry it
out, but then make sure to finish the night
off with a bunch of power betch movies. Make sure they're the ones that make you realize you are strong, worthy and don't need a boo to validate your self-worth. Take cues from kick-ass chicks like Agent scully from the X-files, Uma Thurman in kill Bill,and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer (for nostalgia sake)!

5.NAP IT OFF.for real. If all else prove too difficult, nap the whole damn day. There'sno eeasier way to get through it.Just think, tomorrow, when you wake up it will be February 15. You did it, boo, you made it out alive.

How will you spend Valentines day if you found yourself solo? Give us some suggestions in the comments box!

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