Friday, 19 February 2016

Floyd Mayweather in love with British teen

If you have ever wonder whom the boxing
champions heart is for, then I guess is this Ramarni.

 Rmarni Eliss from Dudley is the new stunner who has knocked out the world’s rmonth

The money teams-man Floyd Mayweather off his feet.
Rmarni Eliss who is an aspiring singer works in New- Look and lives with her family in a modest semi home in the West Midlands.

Floyd took Rmarni to the US on the his £40million private jet after meeting him at a personal appearance in Staffordshire last week.
A close pal said: “She’s with Floyd in America. They are having fun.”
Rmarni shared photos and clips of her trans-Atlantic adventures with her 37,000 online followers.
In one video she wears a black lace dress that hugs every curve as Mayweather drapes his arm over her shoulder, beaming with pride, and says: “Tell them your story.”
She replies:

“I’m here with the Floyd”  and he then chips in: “The one and only, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.”
The teenager believed to be accompanied on the US trip by sister Relissa Ricketts, 21 writes in one post on Instagram: “Floyd Mayweather made me and my family feel so comfortable. Thank you.”
One photo shows Rmarni curled up on a cream leather seat in Mayweather’s private jet, captioned with the phrase ‘Jet life’.

And in a video looking out from the aircraft, she reveals she’s flying from New York to Las Vegas courtesy of the champ.
All of which is a far cry from the town of Cannock where the pair met last Friday on the UK leg of his European Victory Tour.
Rmarni is believed to have paid £600 for a ticket at Bar Sport one of eight UK venues where fans paid up to £2,000 for the chance to meet him in the first two weeks of this month

The money team.

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