Saturday, 20 February 2016

Etoo block a book written by his ex- mistress title 'Revenge Porn' from being sold in France

Former Barcelona and Everton Cammeroonian super star footballer Samuel Eto’o has been able to stop an explosive kiss and tell ‘Revenge Porn’ book written by his former mistress being sold in France.
The  father of four is furious that Nathalie Koah, 24, has decided to go public about their passionate seven year affair.

She has insisted that she simply want to use ‘Revenge Porn Football, sex, money: the testimony of Samuel Eto’o’s ex’ to warn others off sleeping with celebrities.
Ms Nathalie Koah said she felt ‘humiliated and betrayed’ when the footballer allegedly leaked Nood pictures of her to the media.

The book, which was due to go on sale today, claims the affair took place between 2007 and 2014, when Eto’o was at the height of his career with Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan.

But lawyers for the former Cameroon international argued successfully that the book contravened France’s strict privacy laws.
Judges banned the book on Thursday, although lawyers for the publishers have now lodged an appeal.
Olivier Pardo, for the Paris-based ‘Editions du Moment’, told French news agency AFP: "I’m extremely shocked and flabbergasted by this ‘totally unjustified’ decision."
Mr Pardo added: "The book not only lays bare the life of Mr. Eto’o but also that of Nathalie Koah."

Miss Nathalie Koah, who is from Cameroon insists Eto’o published the intimate photos of her on the Internet as revenge when they broke up.

Miss Nathalie Koah said:

"I won’t let myself be knocked down. I’m a victim in this story. I’m not being allowed to tell the truth as it is."
In turn, Eto’o has accused her of ‘fraud and breach of trust’.

Etoo married in 2007 and have four children. He is currently playing for the Turkey side Atalyaspo.

We hope the matter will be resolve amicably.

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