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Eli Kondoh YFM sports presenter talks Radio, Working with YFM and a lot more

Ghanaian multi-talented sports presenter on Accra based Fm station YFM Eli Kondoh known for his unique voice on radio and ETV's The Team in an exclusive interview with the YFM website talks about breaking into radio and television and his first day on air.

Starting with your educational background, where did you study to be the Eli Kondoh everyone listens to now?

Interestingly, I have been in the boarding system from primary 4. I started creche at seven Great princess academy and from class 4 I went to the boarding house till JHS 3. From there, I went to Achimota School and I went to the University of Ghana is where I moved to finish my first degree and I started my journalism.

I started Radio Univers  from level 200 and spent 3 good years there and that's how it all began.

What was your first day on Radio like?

My first day on radio, I think it was the major news at radio  univers at exactly 12:30pm and Darrel Kwaw of Joy FM was then  presenting and I had to come on to present some 3 to 5 minutes sports update on the show, so I went and delivered and Darrel Mepuri during my presentation. I was nervous. On the day I knew I was going to sit behind and psyching myself up just to stay calm. I didn't tell so many people I was going to be on air just in case it didn't go well. But it went well.

What was some of the decisions you took at Univers that shaped your carrer into what it is now?
 One thing about radio Univers is that once you're recruited, you are taught how to do everything. These include news reporting, writing, attending events and reporting it during the news but I told them specifically how I was interested in sports and had a passion for sports. When they employ you, they don't care what you want to do. You apply like everyone else by sending an application to Univers making your intentions known that you want to be a volunteer with them. So when they call you and interview you and you write some tests after going through one week training; they select the people they want.

When you start, they make you do everything. After weeks of doing all the necessary and basic stuff, I told them my passion was sports programs and all that and I started writing sports news and during that period, I was called on to do the sports segments on the major news and all that.

Why Radio?

When I was young in junior high school, they use to bring junior graphic and I tried to read that paper aloud whenever I could. One time I was reading and there was a guy sitting in front of me and he was like You sound nice; try doing presenting like the newscasters or something like that. I didn't really like reading some of the newspapers aloud. When I went to secondary school, 90 minutes and all those other sports papers started publishing and I bought them, read and got more interested in sports. When I was young, I use to play football and liked sports a lot. I wasn't able to play because my mom stopped me from playing. But I thought to myself that if I couldn't play football then at least, I could do something within sports.
When I got to the University, the main target was doing it and luckily when I finished secondary school I went to stay with my mom, she is a nurse; she works in the Volta Region, I went to stay with her for another one year and I got attached with a radio station named Holy FM in Aflao.

So within that short spell, I use to go there, we do analysis during some of the major competitors, I do profile of the various teams and present it  and that's how I started radio before University. After I got to the University, the main thing was that I had do something with a radio station, so when I got there I went straight ahead and applied to radio Universe

Another thing is, I like Mathew Kenyon and Chris Mitchell when they are delivering. These are sports guys and I like their voice, you know they have these chest voice when they are speaking. I like it when am listening to them. And to grow my voice I sing at church with the choir.

How did you join the hot squad AT YFM?

Interestingly, while I was at Univers, others were monitoring and observing what I was doing. I was doing well so I come into contact with this guy called James Mensah who is now at YFM  Kumasi. So he came to Radio Universe and wanted to do something with the sports team because he said he had an interest in doing his national service at Legon, he wanted to try radio and one thing about me is that I always try to give the people the opportunity, so far as you have the interest, I want to give You an opportunity. If you don't take it, then it is your own problem but if you take it then I could help you till you reach the ultimate. When he came, I made him do the research before he came and he did quite well. We had a basketball league on Legon campus so we made him go to one venue and he was corresponding from there and giving us updates and later he applied to be an intern. He got selected because of the experience he had at Universe. He became a team member from then and we are still a team here.

How did you get air on YFM?

Micah Eddy, the head of sports then had to travel for a month; that was in August of last year so he wanted someone to replace him in his absence. He wanted someone to come and hold the sports here at YFM. HE was looking around and James said he knew someone who he felt knew the job and recommended me to Eddy. So he mentioned me and somehow Eddy Micah started listening to me at Universe to confirm what James was saying. I think he was impressed. He called me, invited me and we had a chat and we began from there. Because of the sports in me, I have so much desire.

Whose personality do you like the most in the Global Media Alliance set up?

I think John Osei Tutu Agyeman. I just like his personality. He knows a lot but he is still very humble. He is still so calm and is always on point. Despite all his knowledge in media, and arts he doesn't show off with it. He easily associates himself with everyone in the building. He's extra-ordinary and that's something I admire about him.

Who is your favorite person at YFM ?

My favorite person at YFM is Jerry Justice, the administrator. He's a gentleman and purposeful, very hardworking personality I admire. 

what shows do you listen to on YFM?

I listen to ''Ryse & Shyne''. I also listen to ''Afropolitan Mix and Dryve of Your life''. At times I chance on the Y Lounge because that's the time I'm on my way home.

Who is that one person you will like to change at YFM? 

Azu Stanley he's an event executive. I love his hardworking, he has ideas but I don't like his hairstyles. At times he has these wild haircut that make him look like a bad boy (he laughs)

He is an awesome sports presenter. Good bless him.

source: YFMGHANA.


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