Friday, 19 February 2016

Didier Drogba defend Serge Aurie over his homophobic abuse on Laurent Blanc

The former Ivorian captain says his fellow countryman has been treated unfairly following his abuse on coach Laurent Blanc.

The Ivory Coast International was suspended by Paris Saint Germain over the weekend after being caught on the social media video site Periscope verbally abusing PSG boss Blanc. He also took aim at several team-mates including striker  Ibrahimovic. His suspension ruled him out of Chelsea in the Champions League on Tuesday.

 The Montreal Impact striker -complained that Aurier's treatment for directing homophobic abuse against Blanc amounted to double standards.

Although Aurier has since apologized for his rant, Drogba said he believed the reaction to the Ivory Coast international's comments had been excessive.

"I don't often comment on these things but the way my little brother @serge-aurier has been treated over the past few days has really upset me so I feel the need to say something," Drogba said.

"Yes he made a mistake, yes he said things he should not have said, but we have all made mistakes, players (myself included), coaches, managers, referees, club presidents, even the fans!
"Even the people saying he should be 'put in jail' can young players learn from their mistakes if they are not given the proper support and advice?

"Should we not be educating younger players on how to behave, preparing them for a world where social media can make or break your career?

"Or are we simply pointing the finger and banning some players but not others? Which simply achieves nothing... Bon courage mon frere. #justiceadeuxvitesses'".

 Blanc was unimpressed by a subsequent apology from Aurier.

"Lots of people in this new generation spend their time apologising. Rather than do that they should think more before they do anything,"

Drogba said this on Twitter on Wednesday.

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