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9 bizarre things that give women orgasm you won't believe it

Here we brings to you 9 bizarre things that give women  ogasm. Women have many ways of getting ogasm.

1. Breastfeeding

 Similar to the whole nipplegasm thing from earlier, researchers have found that orgasms can be triggered in women who are breastfeeding. The nerves that connect the breasts to the genitalia are most likely the cause of this one. It’s not new to state that many mothers have claimed over the years that they have achieved orgasm whilst breastfeeworkouteir babies. It turns out it’s actually pretty normal as the nipple stimulation caused by breastfeeding activates the exact same regions of the brain as when genitals are stimulated. What’s more for breastfeeding mothers is that the body releases oxytocin during breastfeeding that is also linked to orgasmic sensations and can increase the sensual physical response. It’s often not talked about and many women may feel uncomfortable discussing it but the fact is that our bodies sometimes are not able to separate the physical stimulation from the conscious awareness of a situation that is completely non-sexual.

2. Yawning

Can you imagine if you could consciously make yourself reach climax simply by yawning? Well, chances are, if you’re on the antidepressant Clomipramine then that superpower is now yours. Clomipramine was developed in the early 1960s as an antidepressant to be used for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, major depressive disorder, body dysmorphic disorder and even premature ejaculation. This drug works by inhibiting the reuptake of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and serotonin. But it’s also an old drug that actually affects lots of other receptors in the brain, including adrenergic ones that could be causing this orgasmic side-effect as these type of receptors are also found in your genitalia. Once the drug hits them, they are stimulated and can lead to smooth muscle contraction and a constriction of the veins that is often associated with feelings of orgasm.

3. Thumb Sucking

It just may be time to bring back that bad childhood habit. That’s right, sucking on your thumb has been reported to be able to cause orgasms in specific cases. Last year a quadriplegic man, Rafe Biggs, made news headlines for discovering that he could give himself orgasms simply by sucking on his thumb just like a kid. This concept of thumb stimulation isn’t that bizarre though, at least not according to a s3x therapist or researcher. It turns out that there’s a concept known as a “transfer orgasm” which has been attributed to cases where toe or finger sucking has been found to cause orgasms (maybe why the foot fetish is fairly popular). The idea is simple in that massaging or sucking various appendages can have the effect of transferring the erotic sensations of the genitalia to the toe in the person’s brain. So next time you’re in bed with your partner or just by yourself why not close your eyes and give it a go… you might be surprised with the effects.

 4. Parkinson’s Drugs

In case you didn’t already know, Parkinson’s disease is a terrible disorder of the nervous system that primarily affects the motor system and causes a person to have tremors in their hands and stiffness in the limbs. It’s a debilitating disease that affects a large number of people. There are some drugs out there that are routinely used by physicians to treat the symptoms of the disease including the drug rasagiline. Now, this particular drug has been fairly effective – aside from a rare side-effect. A 42-year-old woman recentlyfound herself dealing with increased arousal and libido levels after taking the drug causing her to have spontaneous orgasms three to five times a day. After quitting the drug, she noticed the orgasms stopped, as well as her libido dropping back to normal levels, but after starting the treatment course again, these peculiar side-effects immediately returned. Doctors attribute these orgasms to the drug causing an excessive level of dopamine – a neurotransmitter for pleasure– in her brain.


We’ve all heard of multiple orgasms, but imagine having up to 200 or more orgasms a day. It sounds amazing but too much of a good thing can be pretty horrible, actually. The condition is called persistent sexual arousal syndrome, or PSAS. Dr. Sandra Leiblum was one of the first to identify it as a genuine diagnosis that is characterised by “intense feelings of genital congestion and sensations that are typically unaccompanied by any conscious awareness of sexual desire.” People who suffer from this can find their lives upended. Simple things like going for a drive can send them into uncontrollable waves of orgasms which can be embarrassing and dangerous and make simple day-to-day tasks almost impossible to accomplish. These sensations can last hours or even, in some cases, days. As of yet there seems to be no easy cure or even a consensus on what causes this syndrome to occur in the first place.

 6. Labour Labour-induced orgasms might be something you’ve heard rumblings of before.

And, they’re probably one of the more bizarre orgasm triggers in this roundup. This is definitely not a common phenomenon by any stretch but according to a survey of midwives who had helped with 206,000 births, 668 of the mothers experienced sensations similar to that of an orgasm. And nine of these mothers actually felt a full-on orgasm from giving birth. Pretty crazy. Now, the reason why this happens should be obvious. The birthing process, while usually extremely painful, does still stimulate the same areas of the vagina that would normally be stimulated for an ordinary vaginal orgasm. Scientists also believe that the hormonal surges mothers undergo during labour could play a huge role in triggering these orgasmic sensations. What’s more is that this study only asked the midwives who assisted in the birthing process, and not the actual mothers themselves. So this phenomenon of orgasmic births could actually be much more common in reality.

7. Mindgasms As Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, author of The New s3x Bible, puts it:

 the hottest s3x happens between our ears. Often, if you really focus on sexual thoughts that can actually be enough to make you reach an orgasm. Sometimes referred to as “energy orgasms” due to the large amount of mental concentration and breathing techniques required, they can be achieved by almost anyone, male or female. A researcher at Rutgers University, Dr. Barry Komisaruk, using an MRI, found that subjects who were able to achieve a “mindgasm” showed brain activity in the exact same spot as those who were stimulated to orgasm by traditional genital contact. With concerted effort and focus, you too could learn how to achieve a mindgasm, hands-free

 8. Nipplegasms

Scientists have recently uncovered that stimulating a woman’s nipples activates the exact same part of the brain as touching her clitoris does. This part of the brain contains shared neurons that are stimulated when either the clitoris or nipples are touched. It’s these neurons which signal for the release of oxytocin, a neurochemical which causes feelings of pleasure and relaxation. The levels of oxytocin then spike in the brain just before reaching orgasm. Dr. Herbert Otto, a s3x researcher, found that 29% of women reported experiencing an orgasm from breast stimulation at least once in their lives. Furthermore, women who partook in the study also claimed that the nipple itself wasn’t the most sensitive part of the breast. Rather they identified an area right around the areola as the most responsive to sexual touch.

9. Exercise-Induced Orgasms

 Recent studies have shown that exercise can make people mainly women, thankfully  reach climax. Often referred to as coregasms these orgasmic reactions tend to occur when women practice core-strengthening exercises. Researchers at the Indiana University Center for Sexual Health Promotion found that women who did a variety of exercises  including crunches, weight lifting, rope climbing, yoga and even swimming were able to induce an orgasm. The majority of participants of the study actually found themselves able to induce these orgasms whenever they wanted to without touching themselves manually. If you think that’s crazy, wait till you hear that 44% of the study’s participants reported that they had experienced 11 or more orgasms during their exercise sessions.

The scientists aren’t exactly sure how or why the orgasms get triggered via exercise but argue that the exertion offered by exercise causes increased blood flow to the vaginal area while certain exercises also place pressure on the clitoris. So next time you’re at the gym, keep in mind that the woman grunting next to you might actually be really enjoying her workout.

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