Wednesday, 10 February 2016

4 things to avoid before going to bed

These are some things you should not engage in before your bedtime due to its health effects.
Well most of us already know that exercise is a vital activity for our good health, and can actually contribute to getting high quality sleep. The problem, through, is that carrying out exercise activities within 3 hours before bedtime can raise your body temperature and reduces the chances keep that body builder in time for day and not let it disturb your night sleep.
Drinking too much liquid before bedtime
While a drink before bedtime will help you fall asleep, it will also greatly reduced the quality of the sleep that you're getting, and will likely lead to those dreaded night, bathroom breaks which will interrupt your slumber and also for the little kids it also leads to be-wetting. But, however that doesn't mean you should go to bed thirsty, because sure you will wake up in middle of your sleep to drink water.
Whether it's work or school issue it is, you surely have to wait. Cracking your brain to get work done just before sleeping stimulates your brain and causes unnecessary stress. This can actually rid you of that quality sleep your need after a hard day works.
Argument (especially couple)
Some of us have probably heard of this phrase, "don't go to bed angry." Well, its totally accurate! Research has shown that going to bed and to sleep directly offer a serious argument or bad experience will actually preserve your emotion until you awake.
    The human body is inauspicious to falling asleep in seemingly dangerous situations- it's actually a defense mechanism. Thus, leading to a hard time falling asleep after that big argument. It's definitely better to resolve that issue before you crash into bed. Take heed.

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